I have now completed the new and redesigned laser-cut Acrylic Frame. The old frame was made of 1/8″ aluminum which made it quite indestructible, but also  caused interference with the flight controller avionics. Here are some of the improvements of the new design:

  • Mount for Pixhawk Safety Switch
  • Much, much more working space
  • Mounts for Raspberry Pi  and Pi Camera
  • Support for removable anti-vibration mount



Everything is held together with 4-40 screws, and 1″ 4-40 hex standoffs. The 4 aluminum booms purchased from HobbyKing are sandwiched between the two plates securely.The acrylic turned out to be much bendier than I initially believed, so the frame is “squishy” at some areas.

Download Ai Files: Quad Files