Raspbian Installation


In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi using NOOBS.

Formatting the SD Card

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  1. Insert your SD card, ensuring that the Lock switch is fully slid up and not in the Locked position
  2. Download the official SD Card Formatter
  3.  Install the Application and open it
  4. Under the Select Card menu, select the SD Card you would like to install Raspbian on
  5. Select Quick Format
  6. Click the Format Button

Moving NOOBS to the SD Card

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  1. Download NOOBS (Its around 700MB)
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Drag the contents of the extracted folder in to the formatted SD card (not the folder itself)
  4. Remove the SD Card

Installing NOOBS on the PI

  1. Carefully insert the SD Card in to the Pi
  2. Connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse
  3. Power up the Pi
  4. The Power LED (Labeled PWR) should light up red
  5. The Green LED (Labeled ACT) should flash briefly, indicating SD Card activity
  6. The NOOBS installation screen should appear. Raspbain is availibile for installation directly through the SD Card. Other distributions (Arch, RaspBMC, OpenELEC, Pidora, RISC OS) may be installed through an ethernet network connection
  7. Select Raspbian
  8. Click Install and confirm (This takes around 15 minutes)

Basic Setup

  1. The Pi will boot up, and then display the raspi-config menu (this can be opened from the command line via sudo raspi-config)
  2. Navigate using the arrow keys on the keyboard to make any desired changes
  3. Select Finish to quit
  4. You should be automatically logged in. Type startx  to enter the GUI desktop


Official Troubleshooting 

Things To Check:

  • Is the Power Supply adqueate?
  • Has the SD Card been formatted correctly?
  • Is the display fully connected?




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