Ubuntu Dual Boot

  • Insert USB Flash Drive
  • Follow the instructions at: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/deskt…ick-on-mac-osx to format the flash drive and make it bootable.
  • Some of the commands may take over ten minutes, but you can check that they are still working through Activity Monitor
  • Shut down the computer and select the boot media (Press F12 after powering up)
  • Select the Flash Drive
  • The Ubuntu Installer should start automatically
  • When the installer asks how you would like to install, click “Other” and don’t choose the option that will clear the drive.
  • Choose the partition you created during the Yosemite Installation process (you may need to format this as ext3)
  • Finish the installation

To boot between Mac and Linux, just press F12 after powering up and choose the partition you would like to boot up in.