Maker Faire 2015 was a great event as always. Quite a lot of people saw my project and examined it closely.

I also got a chance to roam the fair after I finished by exhibition time slot. It was unfortunate that the giant tesla coils of ArcAttack were not able to make it. The Game of Drones competition was quite boring (the drones kept getting stuck in the netting) but the Power Racing Series was quite entertaining to watch. Many of the 3D Printer companies got pushed over from the Main Expo hall to a more dismal tent.

Some pictures taken by the Pi Drone’s onboard camera:




Some more pictures:



Before Maker Faire, I was also able to add Maps functionality to the drone using Apple’s MapKit (Google Maps requires more complex set up).

The app gained the additional features of being able to center on the user’s current location and see the position of the drone on the map.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 10.13.59 AM


The code to create the map and the drone marker

Setting the image of the drone marker

Centering on the user’s location

Asking the user for location data permission

Updating the position of the drone marker

Download the XCode Project: PiDrone

The Python Server code and the iOS code are now available on Github too: